Booth Rental

Rent – Booths are priced $3.50 per sq. ft., beginning the first day of each month, payable in monthly installments, payable in advance, and due on the first day of each month. Sales from the previous month will go towards your monthly rent first. Our hope is you never have to pay rent!

Two (2) month minimum initially, then month to month after that.

Security Deposit – $50 is due upon signing.

Credit Card – A valid credit card is necessary to lease booth space and will be kept on file.

No New, reproductions or crafts permitted. All Items must be dated prior to 1980 or be of significant collect-ability. Holly Antiques reserves the right to refuse items.

Liability – Holly Antiques owners and employees are not responsible for any resulting damage, loss, injury or legal action. Holly Antiques will maintain liability insurance. Renter is responsible for any desired renters insurance. The renter will sell at their own risk. Holly Antiques will monitor all goods in the shop to the best of their ability. Holly Antiques has invested in an electronic video monitoring system, alarm system and trustworthy staff. We will make every effort to safe guard your inventory.

Marketing and Branding – Holly Antiques, retains the right to display and market products through its web site, social media pages, promotional events, advertising and in-store displays. Renters are encouraged to advertise through their own channels such as their own website and social media platforms. Holly Antiques also encourages you to tag, pin, or comment on any of the Holly Antiques social media sites as a means of bringing visibility to the shop. Printed materials such as flyers and cards will be made available to share with interested people.


Booth Layout

Booth Vendors may also bring in their own showcases to be placed in their booth. If showcases are to be locked, a labeled/tagged key MUST be provided to Holly Antiques to permit access by Holly Antiques Staff.


Brass Tax

Commission, House Fees and Sales Tax – A 10% commission will be charged on all cash/check sales and an additional 2% on credit card transactions. A booth is considered 100 sq. ft.; larger booths require more work days. Items over $20 are subject to a 10% discount (upon customer request) unless tag is marked “Firm”. Renter agrees to clean, dust, rearrange, and replenish merchandise within leased space at least twice monthly. If Holly Antiques Staff is required to clean leased space, a monthly $40.00 fee will be added to rent to cover labor and supplies. Holly Antiques collects any eligible sales tax. Sales tax is then paid to the Renter whose responsibility it is to report via their own sales tax number.